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How do I install the Asset Pack?
Last Updated 16 days ago

By setting cl_downloadfilter 1  in your config, you can download assets and maps as you load into them. If you want to minimise loading times you can download all of the content beforehand and install it manually.

  1. Go to the Creators.TF website and click "DOWNLOAD" on the right hand side.image
  2. Wait for the zip file to download.image
  3. When the pack downloads, uncompress it with your favourite utility. We recommend 7-Zip but the standard Windows file explorer will work fine for this.
  4. Next, open Steam, then right click on Team Fortress 2.
  5. Go down to Properties, then click Local Files at the top. Click Browse Local Files.
  6. Open the tf folder, then go to download.
  7. Drag and drop all the folders from the zip (e.g. maps, materials) into the download folder.

You're finished installing the pack, now you should be good to go on our servers.

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